The Municipal Plenary Session of April 22, 2021, approved the constitution of the municipal public company SUMEM, SL (Urban Services of El Masnou Municipal Company, SL).

In that sense, SUMEM is a public entity that was created with the purpose of contributing and participating in the improvement and consolidation of the municipal public services of El Masnou as a technical management instrument at the service of the El Masnou City Council.

In a first phase, SUMEM, at January 1, 2022, assumed the management of the underground municipal car parks and controlled parking zones on public roads and, in parallel, the objective of both SUMEM and the El Masnou City Council is to study the feasibility of assuming other municipal services with the aim of improving their efficiency and effectiveness.

The services to be provided by SUMEM are regulated in their statutes, specifically, in article 2, which establishes the following:

- The provision of urban public services related to urban mobility, the maintenance of public roads, community welfare services and environmental services, as well as the management and maintenance of municipal facilities.

- The promotion of the construction and operation of equipment and facilities for activities specific to the corporate purpose.

- The commercialization of services that may derive from the economic exploitation of the activities of the corporate purpose.

- The execution of all those activities, works and services that the El Masnou City Council may entrust to it, within the scope of the corporate purpose.

On a complementary basis, SUMEM S.L. may carry out projects and technical studies related to the activities mentioned in the previous point; This complementary activity may not represent a volume greater than 20% of the company's annual turnover.

The principles that govern the provision of any service by SUMEM, apart from the effectiveness and efficiency already mentioned, are always the following:


Closeness to the citizen and personalized customer service

Quality and excellence in service provision

Innovation and continuous improvement

Reinvestment of benefits in the municipality

Promotion of the municipality and the Masnou brand

Consult the statutes of the company in the following link:

SUMEM statutes

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